Accordion Bag

An Accordion-less Accordion Bag

Posted by Mari on March 21, 2014

Today is the last day to snag your own copy of the Perfect Pattern Parcel! I already sewed up the fastest garment in the Parcel, the Summer Concert Tee. With my sewing time at a premium, I chose my next pattern based on what I really needed more of in my wardrobe, purses! Enter the […]

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dixie diy summer concert tee sewn by disparate disciplines

a Referee Concert Tee

Posted by Mari on March 11, 2014

As one of the designers included in the first Perfect Pattern Parcel I got a copy of all the patterns to try. Seeing as I’ve been super busy working on the next group of patterns I chose to make the Summer Concert Tee by Dixie DIY as it is the fastest pattern to make in the bundle (although […]

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Perfect Pattern Parcel Blog Button

the Perfect Pattern Parcel #1

Posted by Mari on March 7, 2014

Five PDF indie sewing patterns. All different designers. One bundle. You set the price. Partial proceeds to charity. That’s the Perfect Pattern Parcel! From left to right in the photo above you can see the included patterns. There’s the Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo, the Dandelion Dress & Top by Seamster Sewing Patterns, the […]

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The Artist Formerly Known as Disparate Disciplines

Posted by Mari on March 5, 2014

Let’s get some Prince up in here! I’m thinking ‘Let’s Go Crazy’. Henceforth, Disparate Disciplines Sewing Patterns shall be known as Seamster Sewing Patterns Seamster = someone who sews, as opposed to ‘sewer’ which also refers to a part of the sewage system Check out the new Seamster Sewing Patterns site here! When I started […]

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Internet I miss you!

Posted by Mari on February 26, 2014

Oh woe! I’ve been without internet for almost a week now. Icy, windy weather knocked out our connection. That or our superintendent hacking off an icicle (no joke) as big as me from the side of our building with a 2×4. Thanks to my phone I’ve been able to at least check my email. It’s […]

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my finished lekala coat

It’s a coat! On a penguin! Atop an ice floe!

Posted by Mari on February 18, 2014

OK, that title may have been just a little bit misleading. What I mean is I made a winter coat then played out on the ice floes like a penguin. The pattern is Lekala #4298. It’s a knock off of a Burberry coat. I’m not usually into knock offs, but this is one nice design. […]

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My swatch for the Channel Cardigan.

Channel Cardigan KAL: Swatching

Posted by Mari on February 16, 2014

Oh the bane of many a knitter’s existence! Including mine. However, the Channel Cardigan is a big pattern requiring something of an investment because it uses so much yarn. Why spend all that time on it & risk having it come out ill-fitting? ‘Oh but Mari,’ you say, ‘it’s so loose the instructions even tell […]

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